MoSynth: Featuring Extreme JamHub Goodness!

While Laurie, Nissa and Manuel were part of Citrus Club, a strong relationship was built with JamHub, an extraordinary company behind the product of the same name. From their website: “JamHub studios let you play music anytime, anywhere. Plug in your instruments and microphones, put on some headphones, and feel like you’ve got a professional studio right in your own living room. Practice more. Play better. Have fun. All without waking the neighbors.”

Originally purchased for rehearsal purposes, the band became so comfortable with the product, that a decision was made to use it instead of a monitoring system during live performances. We never looked back. In fact, we were so dependent on the product that we ended up buying a second one as a backup. During these past two years, a collaboration was born between the outstanding people at JamHub and us.

JamHub has just recently created its next flagship product: The MT16 Multitrack Recorder. “This portable recorder lets you connect directly to almost any mixer or JamHub studio for 16 channel multitrack recordings that feature each musician on their own track, without affecting the house sound at all.” In other words, a dream come true. We will now be able to record all of our live performances, which will not only allow us to review and improve our show, but will also provide us with clean and “mixable”  tracks that we can then release to the public.

So if you see us in a total state of bliss next time you come to one of our shows, you’ll know that we owe it in great part to the big role our JamHub (and very soon the MT16) plays in our performances. Serious musicians owe it to themselves to take a close peek at this beautiful monster.

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