Please help us welcome MoSynth's newest member: Mitch Benson. Mitch  will make his debut with MoSynth in September as our new bass player and backing vocalist.(Read more about Mitch at the end of this post.)

Our departing bass player and dear friend, TommyG, will continue collaborating with MoSynth by providing top-notch production, and will sub in for Mitch whenever is needed. And of course you can catch Tommy onstage with his well-established Red Dirt Country band Nashville Reject. We want to thank TommyG for being part of our band for the past year.

A week or so ago we auditioned Mitch, and let us tell you, the boy can play the bass! Anything and everything we threw at him, he played with no hesitation, so get ready to hear some bass slapping, thumping, soloing, whacking, funking and smacking!

Thank you, TommyG, for being part of the MoSynth gang, and welcome, Mitch Benson!


Mitch Benson grew up playing bass in the basements of friends and collaborators in his hometown of Norfolk. There he was exposed to the heartland’s thriving country music scene and began playing regularly from then on. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln afforded Mitch opportunities to play with world renowned jazz and orchestra musicians and, in 2015, awarded him a Bachelor’s degree in Music. Along the way, Mitch has performed with the Abstract, Katie Lynn & the Crossfire, County Road, Bonecreek, and Lincoln-based folk trio Clay.

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