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MoSynth Welcomes Newest Member: Jon Packard 

Ladies and gentlemen: we are extremely proud to officially announce MoSynth's newest member, Jon Packard! Jon is our new "provider of low notes," and it truly is an experience to see him masterfully play the bass like a total badass. Thank you, Jon, and welcome to the MoSynth gang! 

Jon has been playing music professionally his entire adult life. Music has carried him all around the world, and he is so grateful for the opportunity to continue that journey in MoSynth. He is that rare breed of musician who is both a skilled craftsman and a passionate artist. Jon is fluid in many styles from jazz, salsa, rock, reggae, ska, funk, and country, but is also totally engaged and committed to the project at hand. Part of Jon's mantra is that he, "greatly enjoys the challenge of getting into character in any musical environment." Jon also plays in the local rock/reggae band "Quartus," leads the Omaha based band "The Six," plays in "High Heel" and "Black Market Moonshine" and has been seen on stages around the world with Toni Tennille, Ellis Marsallis, Tom Schumman, Chuck Findley, Gordon Goodwin, Atlanta singer/songwriter Karsten Durand, Nashville legend Ray Scott and Omaha, Nebraska's own Jimmy Weber. He proudly uses Roscoe basses and DR Strings and Aguilar amplification. Before landing in Omaha, Jon most recently lived in Tokyo, Japan and is also a proud veteran of our U.S. Armed Forces. His interests are not limited to music, Jon is an avid photographer, a long time practitioner of Yoga, and loves cooking.

Sep 30th: MoSynth to perform at Norfolk's Oktoberfest 


Norfolk Area Chamber presents: 

••• MoSynth at Norfolk Oktoberfest Family Festival ••• 

Norfolk Oktoberfest Family Festival, presented by Bank First, is going to be rockn' downtown Norfolk on September 29-30! Join us Friday evening for a fun-packed schedule of family events, including Polka Police from 4:30pm to 7:00pm, and MoSynth Top 40 Band after the Huskers game! 

For a full list of events, visit

Click HERE to RSVP Facebook event.

Feb 17th: MoSynth Welcomes Guitarist John Jensen! (Cappy's, Lincoln) 

After three years of looking for the Holy Grail, WE ARE EXTREMELY PROUD TO ANNOUNCE MOSYNTH'S NEWEST MEMBER: LEAD GUITARIST JOHN JENSEN! Having started his guitar affair at the age of 15, John has been part of a great number of professional acts (including regionally acclaimed band Stepchild during the '90s), and spent many years on the road as a guitar technician for various artists on tour, nationally and internationally. Currently residing in Omaha, you can catch John with bands Rukkus and 3 Day Meat Sale, and of course now with MoSynth! Please join us at Cappy's Hotspot Bar & Grill this Friday to welcome John to the gang, and to show him some Lincoln love. See you all Friday night!

Please click HERE to RSVP on Facebook.

MoSynth Practice - Shoop 

So what has MoSynth been up to these past few weeks? We've been learning lots of new stuff! We've also booked a few private events, and a super cool party right on Valentine's Day (details to be announced soon). And even though we're having a great time getting things ready for a great 2017, we miss all of you guys, and hope to see you at one of our February shows!



As some of you know by now, MoSynth is currently on a two-month break. There is a big reason for this, and we've been dying to share it with you all, so here it goes. 

You may have noticed that in the past several years, the live music scene has changed - some may think for the worse, others for the better, but the reality is that we're dealing with a different beast. As much fun as we've been having for the past two years (longer if you remember Citrus Club), we realize that it is now time to bring something fresh and exciting to the scene; something that we as a band, and you as an audience, will be thrilled to listen and party to. 

So what does this mean for MoSynth? To start, we are considerably revamping our repertoire. More specifically, we are dumping about 20 songs, and adding 20 fresh and cool tunes that will make both you and us really remember what great music feels like, so expect to hear some songs that you haven't heard in a while, and that will make you relive some of the best times of your life. 

We are also cutting down the frequency our shows. We want every show to be amazing, and to accomplish that, we can't play in the same city several times a month. Please make sure you subscribe to our Facebook events, because if you miss a show, you may not catch another one in a month or two. 

Lastly (and we're pretty pumped about this one), we are adding another musician to the band! We have not decided if it will be a guitar player or another keyboard player, but it is happening, so if you know of someone who may be interested in joining a super fun and professional project, let them know we're on the prowl. 

So there you have it! We are ready to bring something fun, new and exciting to the music scene, and we'll be working hard during the next two months to make it happen. 

As always, we truly appreciate your friendship and support, because without it, MoSynth simply would not exist. 

Have the best of Holiday seasons, and we'll see you in 2017! 

Much love, 

The MoSynth Gang


Please help us welcome MoSynth's newest member: Mitch Benson. Mitch  will make his debut with MoSynth in September as our new bass player and backing vocalist.(Read more about Mitch at the end of this post.)

Our departing bass player and dear friend, TommyG, will continue collaborating with MoSynth by providing top-notch production, and will sub in for Mitch whenever is needed. And of course you can catch Tommy onstage with his well-established Red Dirt Country band Nashville Reject. We want to thank TommyG for being part of our band for the past year.

A week or so ago we auditioned Mitch, and let us tell you, the boy can play the bass! Anything and everything we threw at him, he played with no hesitation, so get ready to hear some bass slapping, thumping, soloing, whacking, funking and smacking!

Thank you, TommyG, for being part of the MoSynth gang, and welcome, Mitch Benson!


Mitch Benson grew up playing bass in the basements of friends and collaborators in his hometown of Norfolk. There he was exposed to the heartland’s thriving country music scene and began playing regularly from then on. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln afforded Mitch opportunities to play with world renowned jazz and orchestra musicians and, in 2015, awarded him a Bachelor’s degree in Music. Along the way, Mitch has performed with the Abstract, Katie Lynn & the Crossfire, County Road, Bonecreek, and Lincoln-based folk trio Clay.


We would like to thank everyone who made this video possible: Tessa Warner and The Railyard Lincoln for welcoming us on their stage so many times last Summer and Fall, James Kriha with Dry Rain Films for some spectacular footage, Dave Leary from JamHub for gifting us with a Tracker MT16 to record the audio tracks, super awesome Butterfly Bakery's Linda Cox for sponsoring our band, and most importantly, thank you all for supporting our dream with your friendship, energy and good vibe at all of our shows. 2015 is going to be LEGENDARY!