What Is MoSynth?

To put it simply, MoSynth is here to make you groove to great music. MoSynth is a premier Top 40 band based in Lincoln, NE. It focuses on today’s music, and then adds a healthy dash of hits from previous decades to create the perfect party. MoSynth also relies on a state-of-the-art light show to engage the audience, with three live video cameras, two projectors, animated graphics, a colorful LED curtain, and laser lights. Nissa (singer and electric violin), Manuel (singer and synthesizers), Nick (drums and vocals), John (lead guitar and vocals), and Jon (bass and vocals) have decades of experience each in the music and entertainment industry. MoSynth combines exceptional musicianship, showmanship, and stage production into a show that challenges the very best.

Nissa - Vox & Violin

Nissa grew up in a small town in South Dakota. Until taking up classical violin at age nine, her favorite musical pastime was singing and dancing (and head banging!) in the living room, with the stereo cranked to the max, pretending to be Axel Rose, and dressing up like Madonna. Now she gets to rock out on stage every weekend! After receiving her bachelors degree in violin performance from UNL in 2003, she transitioned into fiddling, singing and songwriting. Former bands include Citrus Club, Little Brown Jug and Cactus Hill. Currently, she and her husband co-own Nissa's String Studio, a private music school in Lincoln, NE, where she teaches violin and fiddle. She also performs regularly with Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra. When she's not making music, you can find her in her garden, cooking and discovering new healthy recipes, or bumbling around with her two doggies.

Manuel - Vox & Synths

When Manuel was five years old, all he wanted to do was play drums. He got a drum set for Christmas, and his sister got an organ. But she wanted a piano, so the organ sat there untouched. Until Manuel got his hands on it. After seven years of lessons, Manuel decided he was too cool to play the organ, and so he sold it and bought his first synth ever: a Yamaha DX100. He joined his first rock band at the age of 12, and by the time he was 14, Manuel was performing in front of crowds of more than 6,000 people. Three decades, nine synthesizers, and over ten professional bands later (including Cactus Hill, Little Brown Jug, Citrus Club, and GhettoBlaster), Manuel continues to hit the keys with the same energy and drive as he did when he was five. He currently co-owns Nissa's String Studio, where he teaches piano, keyboard, and music technology, and he is a member of Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra's Board of Directors. Manuel loves all sorts of gadgets, going really, really fast, and being around cool and crazy people.

Laurie - V-Drums

Laurie Lindquist is one of the most respected female drummers in the Midwest, having played with some of the top bands in the Lincoln/Omaha area including ReZen8, Suicide Blondes, Red Hott, Citrus Club and an array of original bands. One of the original projects she was involved in, Deep Blue Heaven, recorded a three song demo at Steve Vai’s studio in Hollywood, California. With her new Roland TD-30KV digital drums, she will be bringing even "mo' synth" to this Top 40 dance band! Laurie enjoys creating all sorts of crafts at home, many of theme P!nk-themed. Yes, P!nk is her idol.

John Jensen - Lead Guitar

Having started his guitar affair at the young age of 15, John has been part of a great number of professional acts (including regionally acclaimed band Stepchild during the '90s), and spent many years on the road as a guitar technician for various artists on tour, both nationally and internationally. Currently residing in Omaha, you can catch John with bands Rukkus and 3 Day Meat Sale, and of course now with MoSynth! John is all about music, working every day at his own guitar shop in Omaha, and playing his guitars at night until his eyelids call it quits. On the rare occasion he steps away from his shop, John likes to hit the trails on his bicycle. And then it's back to music!

Jon Packard - Bass